15 MARCH 2015

Hi everyone! I’m so excited (still!) to say that Sophia Patsalides, quite possibly my favourite JESC singer ever, kindly agreed to an interview for the blog! Here it is:

Lewis: Do you have any new music coming out soon – an album maybe?

Sophia: I am working on many new projects, stay tuned!

L: Are there any artists who have inspired you and your music?

S: I like to sing R&B mostly, so my musical influences are Lisa Fisher, Diana Krall, Jasmine Sullivan and many more great artists!

L: Is there a singer (Cypriot or not) who who’d love to collaborate with?

S: The best thing for me would be being the opening act of a famous artist’s tour!

L: What has been your favourite Cypriot ESC song?

S: Life Looks Better In Spring.

L: Would you consider JESC again or the ESC in a few years’ time?

S: Yes, the ESC would be an interesting and challenging follow-up!

L: Besides performing, what was the highlight of your time in Malta?

S: The rehearsals and preparations. Also, the friends I made and the time I spent with them!

L: Since you wrote ‘I pio omorfi mera’ as well as performed it, would you also consider composing as well as singing in the future?

S: Yes, I already compose and sing my own songs. 

L: Did the scooter incident being so close to the final worry you?

S: We were joking around during preparations with my team! Everything was fine!

L: How do you think JESC has changed you personally and you as an artist?

S: I learned to handle competitive environments well, and it was a really amazing experience in general.

L: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

S: Thank you for reading this interview, and thank you for your support! Have a beautiful day!

Also, I’d like to finish by thanking Sophia for her time and generosity, she replied to my message pretty much straight away. Also, Rory, James and I are looking forward to what Sophia does next with her music!

See you all soon!


Source: https://escviews.wordpress.com/2015/03/15/interview-with-sophia-patsalides-jesc-cyprus-2014/