I am pleased to present an exclusive interview with the Cypriot representative for 2014 – Sophia Patsalides. Keep reading to find out all about Sophia, and remember to vote for Cyprus if you like her song!


So firstly, can you tell everyone a bit about yourself and what your song is about? How did the writing process work?

Hello, it is a pleasure to have you interview me! Well, my name is Sophia Patsalides and I’m thirteen years old-almost fourteen-.I’m in love with music and this year I have the honour of representing my country in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest! The song is titled The most beautiful day’’.With this song I want to convey the message that everything is going to be okay and that after the storm there’s always a rainbow! Look on the bright side of life! I have worked on the composition of the song with composer Alex Panayi and co-written the lyrics with Stavros Stavrou. I am very honored to have them as my Junior Eurovision team, along with Katerina Christofidou who together with Alex Panayi will have the responsibility of vocal coaching. We manage, while getting work done… to have lots of fun! They are an amazing team of people and I love them all!!

How did you get selected to represent Cyprus?

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, proposed to me the representation at JESC after an internal selection, based on a proposal by Silver Spotlight, a very succesful Production Company, based in Cyprus. They made it public on the 21st of July…and I still can’t believe it!

Have you ever watched any past Junior Eurovision shows, what songs have you liked?

Of course, I’m actually a really big fan of JESC and ESC! I really liked ‘’Oneira’’ and ‘’The Start’’!

How much time every week do you spend singing and songwriting, is it a big part of your life? What do you do for fun?

I spend many hours every single day singing, playing the piano and composing because I love it so much! Music is a huge part of my everyday life. I sit at the piano and sing for endless hours!

What are your goals for Malta? Are you looking forward to JESC?

Participating means the world to me, I definitely look forward to it! It will be an outstanding experience, which I will keep close to my heart forever!

How does it feel that you will take part in such an international competition with such a huge audience all over the world?

I feel very honored that my country trusts me with the Junior Eurovision representation, and at the same time I feel the responsibility of making my country proud! It will really be an amazing experience that I wish to share it with everyone in Cyprus!!

What are you most nervous about for JESC? And what are you most excited for?

To be honest the enthusiasm is so big that it overcomes the fear and nerves. Right now I am just so excited and I can’ t wait!

What kind of music do you like in general?

A singer that I admired from a young age is Beyonce. Growing up, I opened up to other singers and genres as well, e.g Christina Aguilera, Adele, the legendary band Queen-which I adore-, Billy Joel, John Lennon as well as Aerosmith and of course Celine Dion. I am pretty much open to any artist or genre as long as the music is good and inspires me!

Thank you Sophia, stay tuned for more information about her song everyone!

Source: http://www.junioreurosong.net/exclusive-interview-with-sophia-from-cyprus/